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Technical and Inter-communal Centre, Drancy (France) - Danpalon® clear
© Agence Pierre Lombard - Architects: Pierre Lombard Agency - Installer: DBS


Highly insulating and imparting delightful natural light, EVERLITE CONCEPT systems are the indispensable partner for any BBC design.
Recreation center, Bouloire (FR) – Danpalon® BRV Danpalon® lime
Architects : Agence d’architecture A3dess – Installer : LCB


In response to the challenges of sustainable construction, EVERLITE CONCEPT offers building systems which meet HEQ targets.
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Our products are manufactured under ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, ensuring a high quality of production in compliance with environmental regulations. Our panels are 100% recyclable and our scrap waste 100% recycled.
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Ecological and recyclable systems

Our products are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, guaranteeing the highest production quality with respect to environmental regulations. Our panels are 100% recyclable and our scrap waste is 100% recycled.


LOGO HEQEVERLITE CONCEPT’s systems address the needs of HEQ Targets

A harmonious relationship between the building and its immediate surroundings
Translucent material,;it fits perfectly into its environment. Playing with the external elements, it lives and develops visually in the day and at night.

Integrated choice of products, systems and construction methods
Comprehensive construction systems and cut to size. They are certified by CSTB Assessment Advice and SOCOTEC Technical Specifications.

Sites with minimal environmental nuisance / Low pollution site
Delivered by dimension and ready-made, EVERLITE CONCEPT systems minimise fall out (scrap waste). Their lightness simplifies setting up and does not require heavy machinery.

Maintenance management and maintenance
Our systems clean naturally with rain. If necessary, an additional cleaning can be conducted with water and natural black soap.

Visual comfort
Translucent, EVERLITE CONCEPT systems provide soft natural and pleasant lighting, ideal for the well-being of the occupants. Soflite finishing eliminates any glare effect and diffuses light in a harmonious manner.

Olfactory comfort (Sense of smell)
EVERLITE CONCEPT systems are odourless.

Sanitary Quality of the air
Danpalon® systems are certified non pollutants and are suitable for use in sensitive areas such as the food sector.

Thermo-hygro Comfort
Highly insulating, EVERLITE CONCEPT ensures ideal and constant thermal comfort.

Energy Management
A wide range of insulating systems comprising of simple and multi-skin nanotube translucent panels with profile edgings, thermal break versions and improved air tightness. Designed and produced to boost natural lighting and solar heat gain.

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