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Partner Companies

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For  over 25 years, EVERLITE CONCEPT’s teams have been partnering construction companies, working hand in hand, assisting them in the construction and completion of  projects efficiently.

With a presence throughout France, our teams are at your disposal to help you find the most economical solutions for your projects. Assisted by our consultancy office, our Business Managers will, according to your specifications, offer the best possible combination of products to meet both the aesthetic, functional and budgetary requirements of the Architect and Project owner.

Support and monitoring

photo calculatrice  John Lee - FotoliaEach project is unique and requires special attention.

Our systems are very often associated with different structures and materials which we need to know and understand in order to provide solutions.

Our Business Managers, assisted by our expert Consultants, study your plans in detail and help you establish the layout drawings and calculate the dimensions for your project.

These studies will provide you with a detailed and transparent estimate.

Preparation & Delivery

livraisonCut to size, prepared, labelled and packaged

According to layout drawings, our orders are delivered on site and are ready for use. Your team saves time and deals only with the essential installation.

Our teams are at your disposal at the start of construction to ensure that implementation meets the Technical Specifications as well as offering Technical Advice.

After Sales Service

Responsive After Sales Service

Understanding that construction rarely has the accuracy of Swiss watch-making, we respond in the shortest possible time and are here to help with any unforeseen occurances.

We guarantee the quality of our materials and implemention.

We are committed in the long term to providing you with the highest quality with sustainable solutions. 

Assurances & Certifications

First polycarbonate connectable systems

to have been certified by CSTB Technical Advice and SOCOTEC Technical Specifications.

EVERLITE CONCEPT claims its place as a precursor and inventor of connectable polycarbonate.

Since 1987, our Technical Assessment and Specifications have been renewed without reserve by certification bodies, justifying our position as the recognized leader in this market. All EVERLITE CONCEPT systems have a ten-year guarantee.

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Practical information

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