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Lyon Confluence
La Confluence, Lyon (France) - Danpalon® BRV system Danpalon® clear Softlite (interior)
Architect: Enzo Amantea

Lyon Confluence

By manipulating the volumes, building can take on a different appearance. Through the choice of translucent and reflective cladding, a link is created between the neighbourhood and the rest of the city.Chosen for its ability to reflect light and adapt according to its surroundings, Danpalon® with its unique microcells, contributes to the depth of the building.Installed like a second skin, it... > lire la suite
Béthune aquatic center
Swimming pool, Bethune (France) - Danpalon® clear, orange, blue, green
Architect: SAREA, Alain Sarfati - Installer: Carlier Lescut

Béthune aquatic center

The Bethune Aquatic Centre was restructured within the context of a HEQ. “The entrance appears as tectonic plate sediment, with shimmering coloured blades” obtained from Danpalon® clear and orange “then appears the rough stone, which accommodates noisy sports activities. The outcome of the project disguises its scale, and every effort is made to magnify it and give it a monumental... > lire la suite
Limoges Concert Hall
Concert hall, Limoges (France) - Danpalon® clear
© Bernard Tschumi - Architect: Bernard Tschumi - Installer : SMAC

Limoges Concert Hall

Limoges Concert Hall Filtering and making light iridescent, Danpalon® participates in the display of one of France’s most beautiful halls. Limoges Concert Hall was designed by Architect Bernard Tschumi to host major events and shows with international artists, to large audiences. Bernard Yschumi, interviewed by Alain Orlandi     ------------------------------------ AO: When was the... > lire la suite
Portsmouth Waste Management Centre
Portsmouth Waste Management Centre of Veolia, Portsmouth (United Kingdom) - Danpalon® clear
Architects: S’Pace - Installer: Gable

Portsmouth Waste Management Centre

From the gross to the subtle, from the opaque to the immaterial – this is the basic principle of a waste treatment plant – perfectly illustrated in the building designed by S’PACE architectural firm for Onyx UK in Portsmouth. Industrial elegance, comes to mind when looking at this building. Paying constant attention to architectural detail, the designers were able to ennoble an activity... > lire la suite
The security house of Lancy
The House security of Lancy (Switherland) - Danpalon® red
© Serge Du Pasquier - Architects: DMA Architecture - Installer: Brandt

The security house of Lancy

The sleek architecture of the project, and interlocking the two blocks with such a vibrant colour, makes this building simply symbolic. One of the two blocks of the main façade is illustrated with red Danpalon® comprising periodically of openings with tilting doors and windows of the shed. Designed to host four security corps (Fire-Brigade, Samaritans, Civil Defence, Rescue), the project made... > lire la suite
Chisholm College, Australia
Chisholm College, Victoria (Australia) - Danpalon® ice
Architects: Cox Architects and Planners

Chisholm College, Australia

When designing the access and language building at the Chisholm Institute of TAFE, Cox Architects and Planners wanted to give more character to the school and created a prominent entrance to the campus. A combination of Danpalon® and glass provide a total transparency effect. Danpalon® 16 ice comprising the facades form an envelope of light in the East and West wings of the prism where the the... > lire la suite
Victoria Square, New Zealand
Victoria Square Apartments and Podium, Christchurch (New-Zealand) - Danpalon® opal
Architects: The buchan group

Victoria Square, New Zealand

This combination of transparency, light and opacity transformed a simple carpark into what has become a renowned landmark in the urban city of Christchurch. This building with its contemporary design creates a strong and imposing architectural tone in the city centre. Usually unattractive because of its function, the parking levels of this car park are concealed by a translucent glazed covering... > lire la suite
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